Is Liver King on Steroids?

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Is Liver King on steroids? This question has been echoing through social media channels as the muscle-bound influencer, known for promoting a primal diet and lifestyle, faces a storm of skepticism. With a following of 17 million on Instagram, his claims of achieving an “impeccably toned rig” through raw organ meats and intense exercise have now come under scrutiny.

The revelation of Johnson’s alleged steroid use, exposed by a fellow bodybuilder, has left fans and followers questioning the authenticity of his all-natural claims. The controversy has sparked discussions about the reality behind his extreme physical condition, with leaked emails suggesting a monthly steroid regimen costing around $11,000.

Is Liver King on Steroids?

Amidst a maelstrom of controversy, Johnson, known as the Liver King, has faced scrutiny over his physique’s authenticity. Once hailed for showcasing a hulking frame attributable to a primal diet and rigorous exercise, Johnson’s claims have been eclipsed by rumors of steroid use. Charged allegations stem from leaked emails, revealing a costly steroid regimen totaling about $11,000 per month. Such revelations cast long shadows over his assertions of a 100% natural, ancestral lifestyle.

As Johnson’s social media footprint spread rapidly, his dietary preachings to his 1.7 million followers about the miracles of raw organ meat consumption coupled with ancestral training methods grew increasingly popular. The dramatic narrative was that such a lifestyle could chisel a physique akin to Johnson’s without artificial assistance. However, the leaked emails seemingly disclose a narrative fracture, pointing at synthetic enhancers as hidden contributors to his muscular build.

Skepticism about Liver King’s claims festered until a bodybuilder, further fanning the flames of discord, unveiled these emails. Allegations of Johnson’s anabolic shortcut were now in the public domain, igniting debates on the veracity of his ‘all-natural’ image. Followers of the primal lifestyle guru reacted with a mixture of disillusionment and defiance; many demanded transparency, while others stood by their icon’s side, advocating for a measured response until more evidence emerged.

Interestingly, the Liver King himself has recently shifted his stance. Liver King 2.0, as he now dubs himself, claims a conversion to a natural or ‘natty’ lifestyle. Johnson states he’s been steroid-free for nearly two months and hails this new phase as superior to his past regimen, asserting improved well-being and functionality. Despite such proclamations and commitment to a natty lifestyle, the public’s eye remains hawkish, parsing every detail, awaiting concrete proof that Liver King 2.0 is indeed a departure from steroid reliance.

As the fitness community continues to digest these developments, the jury remains out on whether Johnson’s transformation is clad in truth or merely another layer of persona. The irony isn’t lost on those who follow the fitness industry, a realm where the quest for physical perfection often skirts the edge of health and authenticity.


The fitness community often revels in the extraordinary transformations of its members. Among these narratives, the saga of Liver King stands out. Known for his rippling muscles and vehement advocation of ancestral living, his persona has captivated and polarized audiences alike. However, recent discussions have shifted towards the authenticity of his claims. At the epicenter of this scrutiny is a burning question: Is Liver King on steroids?

In pursuit of physical perfection, many enthusiasts turn to figures like Liver King for inspiration. Such influencers not only showcase the results of their rigorous lifestyle but also instill a belief in natural achievements. Yet, the undercurrents of doubt flow strong when allegations of artificial enhancement arise, especially when the individual in question has built his brand on the pillars of primal dieting and relentless exercise regimens.

Amid the monumental guidelines revered by the bodybuilding community, integrity and transparency are key. It’s a world where the line between natural and enhanced can be as divisive as it is blurred. This controversy has turned eyes toward historical dietary patterns as a means to understand what’s naturally attainable.

While Liver King propounds a meat-heavy diet and strenuous training routine as his formula, researchers like Pontzer offer a different perspective. The historical comparison of eating habits reveals that the human diet has evolved significantly. Pastoral communities have indeed thrived on meat-centric diets, but the broader tapestry of human alimentation tells a story rich in agricultural staples. Unveiling these nuances is essential for audiences seeking truth in a realm rife with bold claims.

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To discern fact from fiction requires a willingness to probe deeper than surface-level statements. The revelations tied to Liver King’s regimen pose important questions about the standards set within the fitness community. Can the muscular magnificence he presents truly be the fruit of ancestral living? Or has the quest for influence and impact steered away from age-old truths? It’s a narrative unfolding against a backdrop of evolving ideals, societal pressures, and above all, the quest for authenticity in the pursuit of well-being.

Who is Liver King?

Background and History

Liver King, a moniker that emerged from the depths of social media platforms, came to denote not just an individual but a movement advocating a return to what was perceived as ancestral living. Boldly preaching a primal lifestyle, the figure behind Liver King became synonymous with raw, unfettered strength, and the image he projected teemed with tales of vigor that harkened back to a time unadulterated by modern comforts.

The emergence of Liver King from relative obscurity to a full-blown internet sensation didn’t occur by chance. Underpinning the brazen display of muscle and might was an elaborate philosophy built around the principles he referred to as the nine ancestral tenants. These encapsulated physical exertion, dietary guidelines, and ecological harmony, honing in on a message that resonated with the disillusionment some felt with contemporary life. His credibility hinged on the embodiment of these tenets and showcased a lifestyle centered around eating a nutrient-dense diet, with a heavy emphasis on organ meats and engaging in rigorous physical activity.

Achievements and Influences

Liver King’s reach extended beyond the confines of his personal social media accounts. His influence bled into various facets of the fitness and wellness industry, inspiring a cohort of devotees who aligned themselves with the principles of what he touted as the ancestral way. The glut of followers and spiraling views equated to social currency, catapulting Liver King into a realm of influence that commanded attention and sparked conversation within bodybuilding circles.

The narrative pushed by Liver King bore fruit not just in an online following, but tangibly through business ventures such as Ancestral Supplements. These ventures were instrumental in popularizing the notion that modern health issues could be assuaged through a diet and lifestyle mimicking our hunter-gatherer predecessors. The claim was hefty — early man’s vitality could be recaptured through consuming an array of desiccated organ supplements.

However, Liver King’s rise was not without its challenges. As the fitness community buzzed with rumors, many questioned the naturalness of his physique. These speculations swirled and grew, casting shadows of doubt and culminating in pivotal moments where the ethos of the brand faced scrutiny. The underlying question persisted: Could the paradox of a primordial physique, achieved in the shadow of modern pharmaceuticals, stand the test of integrity, or was it a well-crafted illusion that risked crumbling under the weight of its own lore?

With every shared update and life transformation, Liver King inspired individuals to consider the roots of their fitness endeavors. And yet, as with any human story woven with public intrigue and adoration, the trajectory of the narrative remained vulnerable to the complexities of personal struggle and the incessant pursuit of physical perfection.

The Steroid Rumors

Origins of the Rumors

The whispers about performance-enhancing drug use in bodybuilding communities aren’t new, yet when it comes to Brian Johnson – the self-styled Liver King – these rumors seemed to intensify. A behemoth in physique and social media presence, the Liver King turned heads with his extraordinary musculature and his primal diet advocacy. The initial skepticism bubbled into public discourse when claims emerged of supposed secret steroid use by Johnson. Derek, a well-known figure in the fitness arena, and vocal critic of performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs), was at the forefront, presenting allegations that would soon spiral into a broader controversy.

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Evidence Against Steroid Use

Despite the wide array of allegations and theories, concrete evidence supporting the Liver King’s steroid use was scarce for a significant period. Johnson himself fuelled his narrative that a diet consisting heavily of raw meat, organ consumption, and ancient tenets was the powerhouse behind his physique. This framing positioned him as a strictly natural enthusiast, leaving room for doubt about the veracity of the steroid rumors. Followers saw Johnson’s diet, outlined on his platforms, as a staple regimen. His endorsements of raw liver, protein shakes, and bone marrow, supposedly laid the foundation for his remarkable body without artificial enhancements.

Speculations and Critics

Speculation about Johnson’s true methods continued to swirl, amplified by fellow influencers and critics in the fitness industry. Griffin, an ESPN analyst and former NFL quarterback, weighed in on the matter, asserting a disbelief in the Liver King’s natural claims. Such statements from high-profile personalities shed light on the growing disbelief amongst those well-acquainted with bodybuilding.

Further stirring the pot, Derek’s YouTube channel More Plates More Dates became a hub for speculation and investigation into these claims, eventually leading to an audience of millions interested in the truth behind jacked figures. The channel’s following serves as a testament to the issue’s traction within the community.

With the emergence of private emails allegedly detailing Johnson’s steroid regimen, involving potent substances like Winstrol and Omnitrope, the conversations took a sharp turn. Calls for transparency increased, reflecting a community both fascinated and critical of the Liver King’s supposed ancestral path to muscle-building. This collective scrutiny exemplified the importance placed on authenticity and honesty within circles dedicated to bodybuilding, health, and wellness.

Liver King’s Response

Denial of Steroid Use

Before the tide of allegations reached its peak, Liver King was vehement in denying any steroid use. He presented himself as a paragon of untainted ancestral living, one whose hulking muscles and rippling abs were the fruits of a lifestyle steeped in ancient traditions. Interviews paint a consistent picture: Liver King rejecting performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs). Publicly, he assured fans and critics alike that his physique was achieved strictly through primal dietary habits and rigorous exercise routines. Such statements didn’t just seemingly elevate him above the fray—they positioned him as the embodiment of natural fitness and a testament to the power of his ancestral tenants.

Focus on Natural Methods

Liver King’s mantra centered around natural methods. His brand hinged on promoting the nine ancestral tenets, emphasizing strategies he claimed were in line with hunter-gatherer ways: cold exposure, sunbathing, and consuming unprocessed, nutrient-dense foods. He painted a picture of robust health attained through means available to any dedicated follower. Key to his approach was the idea of eating “nose to tail,” a dietary principle involving the consumption of entire animals, especially organ meats. This diet was presented not just as a means to physical greatness but also as a vehicle for holistic well-being, aligning modern-day humans with the purported practices of their ancestors.

Emphasis on Healthy Living

Liver King’s discourse was consistently framed around healthy living. Sleep, proper nutrition, community, and natural movement formed the cornerstones of his message to his audience. This lifestyle, according to Liver King, was supposed to promote vigor and vitality without resorting to artificial enhancements. His social media content often showed him engaging in intense physical activities or relishing in the simplicity of connecting with nature—always radiating health and symbolizing what he asserted was achievable through a staunch adherence to his ancestral lifestyle.


Liver King’s stance on steroid use is unambiguous—he’s a staunch advocate for natural living and attributes his impressive build to ancestral practices. His commitment to the nine ancestral tenets is at the core of his philosophy, underscoring a lifestyle far removed from artificial enhancements. By championing a return to primal habits and shunning modern shortcuts, he’s become a figurehead for those seeking health through heritage. Whether one believes his claims or remains skeptical, it’s clear that Liver King’s message is a call to reevaluate our connection to ancestral health principles.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Liver King’s wife Polish?

Liver King’s wife, also known as Liver Queen, is indeed Polish. She is an integral part of his life, providing support to Liver King and their family.

Does Liver King actually eat raw meat?

Yes, Liver King advocates for a raw-meat diet, which he credits to his physique. Despite recent steroid use admissions, his diet is a staple of his brand.

Does Liver King have supplements?

Yes, Liver King offers supplements for those who prefer not to consume a nose-to-tail diet, supporting his ancestral dietary recommendations.

Why is it OK to eat raw liver?

Eating raw liver is considered beneficial by some due to its nutrient density, providing high levels of iron, vitamins, and numerous micronutrients. However, raw consumption should be approached with caution due to potential pathogens.

Is the fitness influencer Liver King actually using steroids, or is it natural growth?

There has been a lot of speculation about this, given his rapid rise to fame and unusual diet of raw meat, especially beef liver. However, only Liver King himself can definitively confirm or deny any allegations of testosterone usage or any anabolic steroid usage.

Has Liver King ever publicly admitted to using steroids?

As of the end of 2021, there has been no public admission from Liver King stating that he has done steroids. His prominent exposure in the public eye and his fitness influencer status on TikTok have led some to speculate.

Are there any documented instances of the Liver King misleading his followers regarding his diet and fitness regimen?

While some people believe the Liver King might be misleading others, mainly due to his impressive physique that could arguably be buff enough to suggest a possible month steroid cycle, this has not been confirmed. Usually, he promotes his “ancestral” diet of raw meat.

What is the general consensus about Liver King in the community?

Opinions about Liver King and whether he has done steroids or not are varied, with some YouTubers and fitness communities demonstrating skepticism towards his claims of achieving his physique without the use of anabolic steroids.

What impact has Liver King had on male body image and the fitness community?

Liver King has had a considerable impact on male body image and the fitness community. His shirtless TikTok posts and his claims of achieving his physique naturally have sparked conversations about what is achievable without the use of anabolic steroids.

What measures does Liver King take to ensure his diet is safe?

Johnson – the man known as Liver King – claims his diet is managed by a trained hormone expert. He emphasizes the consumption of raw meat, particularly beef liver and testicle, as part of his “ancestral” diet.

Is there any truth to the emails allegedly sent by Johnson about steroid usage?

It has been difficult to validate the authenticity of the emails allegedly sent by Johnson, which sparked speculation about his potential anabolic steroid use. Johnson has not publicly addressed these allegations as of 2021.

Can you explain about his raw meat diet?

Liver King follows an “ancestral” diet, which primarily consists of consuming large amounts of raw meat, including beef liver and testicle. He claims that this diet has contributed to his impressive physical shape and fitness levels.

Is there a certain supplement or capsule Liver King recommends?

Liver King promotes the consumption of a natural diet over supplements or capsules. He strongly believes in the potential health benefits of his “ancestral” diet, primarily consisting of raw meat like beef liver.