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BDPT’s Disclaimer

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BDPT’s Privacy Policy

1. Collection of Personal Data: At BDPT, we respect the sanctity of personal information. We refrain from collecting personal data unless voluntarily divulged by visitors through specific channels such as contact forms or comments.

2. Utilization of Cookies: To augment the user experience, www.bdpt.org may employ cookies. These can be managed or disabled through individual browser settings, allowing users to exercise control over their digital footprint.

3. Links to External Entities: Our digital platform may host links to external sites, over which we wield no control. The content and practices of these external entities fall outside our jurisdiction, and we disclaim responsibility or liability for their respective privacy protocols.

4. Protection of Children’s Privacy: BDPT’s content is not crafted for individuals below the age of 13, and we consciously avoid collecting identifiable information from this demographic.

5. Periodic Revisions to This Privacy Policy: The dynamic nature of digital regulations necessitates periodic updates to our Privacy Policy. We encourage regular perusal of this section to stay abreast of any modifications.

6. Communication Channels: Queries, concerns, or suggestions regarding our Privacy Policy are welcomed and can be directed to our contact channels.